Thursday, July 18, 2013


Coming together.

Union. United.

One family.

Surveys shows that families who gather for dinner daily are less likely to have children ending up addicted to drugs, and, living promiscuosly.

Of course that makes sense.

Time together means sharing moments of joy and grief, sad times and events that are satisfying.

Dinner and feeding people is a sure way to keep households happy, or, at least wholesome and steering well.

To that end, our all-family reunion of merged households gathers in Cheboygan, MI., Saturday, Aug. 24, 2013.

The 2012 reunion was attended by many members of the family I still am coming to know better.

The lounge at the Knights of Columbus Hall was full.

It was beaming with smiles from my Uncle Chester who walked into the hall with the help of his walker.  He knew nothing of the surprise birthday party.  Others marking birthdays joined in the singing of "Happy Birthday."

I look forward to this year's re-union.

Although it is a struggle to get people committed to help, let alone participate, the effort merits attention.

We need to gather as family, like a church, or, any other group.

Time together is a strength.

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