Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Saint Christina the Astonishing

Her feast is July 24th each year.

Saint Christina is patroness of mental health therapists.

She was born in Belgium in 1150 and orphaned at 15.

At 21, she had an epileptic seizure and seemed to have expired.

A funeral was held, and, during the service, Christina levitated to the roof of the church.

She was asked to come down and obeyed.

Christina lived as a homeless woman who was dressed in rags and found sleeping on rocks.

She acted as the people's conscience.

In fact, she told the Count of Looz every sin he committed as he lay dying.

Some thought that Christina was insane, yet, others venerated her and respected her very much.

In 1224, she died in a convent, dubbed as an obedient Christian despite her condition.

I turn to her to intercede for those I visit in counseling.

At Saint Christine Church, located in Detroit, MI.,  where I was a young pastor, I would tell people about Christina, and they would laugh, for the most part.

Saints are like us, I think.

We are unfinished works of art.

 We are made by God.

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