Monday, July 8, 2013

Next Sunday's Sermon: God, the True Neighbor Dwelling in My Heart

One's neighbor.

Who is she, or he?

The one next door?  Down the street?

In today's Good News?

Who is my neighbor?

"Near" is rooted in the word, from the Old English, "neighbor" and "neah" a dweller ("gebur").

A neighbor dwells near.

People who live next door to me on Arcola Street on Detroit's East were my neighbors.

Mr. Kowalski, Mrs. Suminski, Mr. and Mrs. White, Mrs. Sacmar and her sons. . .

To be a neighbor one penetrates boundaries and obstacles and helps.

Mercy and meekness abound in neighborliness.

Humility to help also.

God is the true neighbor to me as Moses notes.

God lives in my heart.

I need to remember that always, all ways!

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