Friday, July 26, 2013

Detroit Area Clergy Press for Greater Dialog

Area clergy, among others, met in Pilgrim Baptist Church in Detroit Thursday, calling for intense dialog to solve Detroit's woes.

Pastor Sidney Griffin, host of the ecumenical gathering, pushed for "a march that shows our solidarity and unity as leaders."

"People will see us together walking as one to get things done," shouted the former Wayne County, MI., point person for faith-based issues.

Rabbi Dorit Edut agreed.

"I'm shopping at the new Meijer Market on 8 Mile in Detroit tomorrow  as a sign of solidarity with the City," Edut said.

Alex Potyok concurred.

"We have to stop trying to be right, and we need to show that it's OK to be different, even poor and without any money," said Potyok, 23, of Detroit.  He aims to help produce a U Tube video on dialogs such at Thursday's meeting.

Plans for a march from Detroit to Warren are in the making, according to organizers.

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