Saturday, July 13, 2013

For the Duration, the Golden Rule Reigns in Regional Cooperation of Metropolitan Detroit

So, temples, mosques, churches, synagogues, and more, have been around for centuries.

But, what difference are they making?

Couple that with households with parents as the moral compass for their children, and, can we say that society is more civil, more humane, more accepting and tolerant of dwellers?

Why have some given up, or given into corruption, selfish gains, sin and living out a smaller plan and vision far from that of God's rule?

Area Detroit clergy are stepping up to the plate to press for change, morphing and mending the metropolitan Detroit area these days.

In fact, in the spirit of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., plans are set for a march, a walk, a parade, if you will, from Detroit, MI., into Warren, August 22nd, at 11:45 am from Van Dyke and Eight Mile to Toepher Street in Warren, MI.

All are welcome.

These past Wednesdays of the Summer the same clergy, among other faith leaders, have been meeting to bond and respect and recognize each other's religion.

They are growing into a force to reckon with one and all as they join in solidarity like the "I Have a Dream" speech lived out with millions in the march on Washington, D.C., fifty years ago this August.

We can do better.

I can.

You can.

Together we can lead Detroit into the City it once was proud to be as "my town," and, your own.

Will you join us August 22nd as we join hand in hand for the Golden Rule in regional cooperation?

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