Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First person narratives of those who aborted now needed

When depth is lacking, people may choose anything anywhere, anyhow, no?

First-hand narratives of women who have had abortions could prevent many others from choosing what they really are unaware of in the aftermath of such a procedure, for example, it seems to me, among others.

Experience in telling of their own abortions, among other situations of significance in one's life can make all the differences in the world when one decides one way or another.

Complacency is easy.  In depth consideration merits time, energy, prayer and reflection about this vital moral concern.

Ultrasound imaging, for example, is assisting mother's with baby(ies) in the womb and tabernacle of their own physical being, to choose LIFE!

Experience is the best teacher.

It will make all the difference in the world to CHOOSE LIFE!

Read Brian Dickerson's point of view and opinion, for example in Sunday, July 7th's Detroit Free Press for statistics and more.  Hearing their own story, from women, however, will chart a win for a baby's life amid so many who have told me that abortion rights have brought unsafe procedures out of the alley!

Write me your story at alphaomega2049@yahoo.com please, or call me at (313) 530 2777.

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