Saturday, July 20, 2013

Prayer for Our City

With my Motown's moment of "going under," Detroit will rise again.

Prayer helps, however, as we fall, and give way to something new and fresh, vibrant and whole!

With the Reformation and the Age of Enlightenment, our rational mind was intrigued by what modern men and women could do.

In turn, prayer took a back seat to our whims and ways.

As usual.

That's how contemplation, also, was reduced, and thinking without pausing and praying pervaded the cultures.

Yet, this was not always true.

Monasteries, and more, taught praying and pausing before thinking and acting, or, reacting to situations, or others, in conversation.

Current cultures want to restore contemplation, however.

It is the better way.


Contemplation enables one to accept reality.

It affords one a better life with less stress and the frenetic pace of our society today.

Twenty minutes of contemplation twice a day works wonders when I am faithful to it consistently.

When I am not, what a mess of things I make.

Sound familiar?

"Beloved" becomes my litany word to focus on when distractions come during a pause to ponder with the all-Powerful One.

Simply going back to "beloved" ensures calm and contemplation.

Without any panic, I give little energy to the programs of the current moment, and life's unfoldings. 

God enters then, and the "rat race" of life passes by without energy.


Union with God happens in the final few, if at all, as all the "gunk" and negativity of life falls away.

A pause and prayer for my Motown gives way to possibilities of God's way governing in integrity and truth again.

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