Saturday, March 8, 2014

Marriage Mentoring Ministry

Marriage and family.

That's the focus of Care of the Soul and Companions Counseling, and, the All-Faiths Festival of metropolitan Detroit that aims to build bridges, recognize all religions, foster dialog and respect, and help people in crisis.

A year's focus on mentoring marriages with separate groups for marriages needing enhancing, include:

(1)  Betrayal, adultery and other distractions from the "I Do" of commitment, covenant marriage

(2)  Young marriages and communicating with respect

(3)  Mentoring merged and step-family formation, and, support sessions

(4)  Holding Up, Healing and Making Whole Families

"We will try to heal hurting, and, marriages in crisis by training couples whose own marriages once nearly failed, to mentor those in trouble," notes the Macomb County, Michigan Community Marriage Policy Covenant that was signed at the historic Sacred Heart Church in Roseville, MI., in March, 2009, five years ago.

Enabling step-family households to be effective, and, to save four out of five of these marriages and families, rather than to lose to divorce seventy percent of them.

That goal is being met with benchmarks achieved at Celina's Polish Kitchen in St. Clair Shores, MI., where a step-family support group meets the first Friday of each month from 4:45 pm until 6 pm with me leading the session.  All are welcome to this, and, to mending and morphing groups that meet the first Monday of each month, and, Father Ed Popielarz' famous class in acceptance the third Wednesday of each month, both at 5:30 pm in Big Jack's Bar-B-Q Grille in Roseville, MI.


We believe that God created the dignity and companionship of marriage and family that is revered in time, tradition, and, in the Scriptures of the children of Abraham, and, that God intends the marital bond and covenant to endure in the vowed husband and wife for the duration of a lifetime.

Join at least 100 married couples as they converge on the Warren, MI., city hall at One City Square, Thursday, June 19, from 4:45 pm, to "Celebrate Family"  on this fifth anniversary of the CMP.

It's time to celebrate, and more!

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