Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome Spring

The Old English word, "Lencten," means springtime.

And, it couldn't come fast enough for many people who are still waiting for the first sign of a robin.

Robins were sighted, however, I've been told by multiple reporters.

Sunshine with longer days and evenings, and, cooler, even warmer air is welcomed!

Amid a forty-day trek Christians observe through Thursday of what is called, Holy Week, leading to Easter Sunday in April, fasting, praying and almsgiving are commonly intensified practices for the faithful.

This rigor is embraced by me.

It helps my focus and resolve to walk with Jesus the Christ in his terrible crucifixion, passion and rising from the dead ultimately.

Hope prevails despite trial and tribulation in the desolation and consolation of life's daily walk.

That evergreen virtue, or strength, is gripped by me each day amid challenges, and more.

Spring helps make this penitential season more motivating for me, of course.

The sounds of birds, and more, coupled with bright light helps one's disposition.

Welcome to the first day of Spring!

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