Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Son of God, the Movie

Seneca said that life is more about reminding than it is about new information.

That's true of "Son of God," the movie that shows how the Word is God, and, light and love amid darkness survives eternally.

It does.

The horror that Jesus was subjected to, again, points to man's inhumanity to man even in this modern age.

A movie for Lent, Son of God captures how Jewish and Roman power that is threatened goes to any means to remain being king, emperor, ruler without appreciating the message of love that Jesus witnessed.

Jesus said his Kingdom was not of this world to the Jewish high priests, and, elders, and yet, they convinced the Roman army to do Jesus in, let the murderer Barabbas go, instead of the innocent Jesus.

A gem of a movie for Lent, and beyond, in a world that needs the love of the Son of God eternally.

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