Friday, March 21, 2014

Skipping Easter

Life without Easter for once.

Imagine that.

I entertained the thought to skip it in my latest tome, Skipping Easter.

No crowded shopping centers, no Easter bunny, no jelly beans and marshmellow candy, no lamb shaped from butter, no kielbasa, ham, or dyed eggs.  No empty tomb shaped like the egg declaring Jesus' resurrection.


No Easter this year.




No hassles, traffic jams, and tales to be told like last Easter.

A trip to Easter Island to escape this highest holy day of the Christian calendar year seems so nice.

So nice.


It's not accomplished as easily as I had imagined, however.

Lessons are learned.

Life gets changed.


And, Easter would not be the same, indeed!

Happy Easter!


(Blogging off for nine days out of the country 'til the 30th when I blog again).

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  1. Hey, Larry, I did read it when it came out, and, wow, how provocative, after all, and my holy week is totally different....