Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shrove Tuesday Before Ash Wednesday's Start of Lent, A New Springtime

Like the Arab Spring, or, Americans waiting for the robin in Michigan's polar weather, today's Shrove Tuesday has believers cleaning their refrigerators of lard, and other ingredients for fast and abstinence tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, the first day of a 40-day trek through Holy Thursday of what's called Holy Week. 

Holy Week, the holiest of the Church calendar climaxes at Easter Sunday in April when Jesus the Christ rose from the dead, and saved us from sin and the grip of death as the Lord rose from the tomb.

Hope emerged after Jesus' crucifixion by the Romans who wouldn't put up with the likes of Jesus who is the Son of God. 

Calling us to love one another, a challenge that is far from a crime, really stirred the minds and hearts of intimidate rulers of the day 2,000 years ago.

At a priests' gathering earlier in Westland, MI., in Saint Damian's,  a delicious meal was served, perhaps the last until Holy Thursday, the day Lent ends at the Lord's Supper when all the bells, whistles and incense fill the air with jubilation at the final meal of Jesus before his crucifixion at Calvary.

The Triduum of Jesus' suffering and dying follow with Good Friday giving way to a 50-day season of Easter.

That's bigger than Lent's fasting, charity and more praying these days beginning tomorrow when ashes, remains of burnt palm fronds will be pressed on the foreheads of Christians the world over.

My aim for lent is to practice patience and the virtues, or strengths of faith, hope and love, including fortitude, justice, temperance and prudence.

Lent's desolation, and, the movies, Son of God, coupled with the Little Black Book of the beloved and late Bishop Kenneth Untener of Saginaw, MI., along with daily psalms, and more, with the rosary, will fill these days for me.

A blessed Lent to you!

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