Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Weather threatened that up to eight inches of snow to fall from 2 am earlier today.


Who needs that report?

Not me.

For sure.

What's the agenda of weather reporters?

Up early as usual and off to exercise after some praying time.

Errands follow in the snow-covered streets.


Easy does it.

Breakfast with a friend after appointments.

Always refreshing to speak with this professional chiropractor with MS.  He seems to know life's ups and downs, desolate and consulate times like the roller-coaster ride of Edgewater Park, once upon a time at 7 Mile near Telegraph, in my beloved hometown of Detroit.

Visit to the library to study, write and read daily newspapers, local and national.

Snow impedes not!

Thank God!

I'm so glad to feel it, (the snow)  to see Frosty, not freeze, and, most of all, fear-free living as Jesus invites in the Good Book.

"Fear is useless - what's needed is trust!"

So true.

Praise the maker, and the real Weatherman!


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