Monday, December 3, 2012


What is it?

What does it look like? 

Who is holy may be a better question.

Whole.  Holy.  Wholeness.  Holiness.


Connecting daily seems to be a fruit of holiness.

Visiting multiple times a day with the Creator may well be holiness.

Such centering and focus gives way to fruits showing themselves in rapport with others, the stranger, the immigrant, the lost, the oppressed, the incarcerated, the pressed down, the home-bound elderly one, the jobless, the foreign faces we fear. 

All of them.

Fear flees in connection with the Maker.

It does.

Spontaneity in engaging and reaching out, reaching down, and, lifting up the vulnerable everywhere.

Is that holiness?

Urgency and ardor amid a digital culture that engages media to mount an offensive for showing the face of God in the "Good News" always and evrywhere we are planted.

Powerful Pentecost and Presence will fuel the evangelizing with a fresh and lively approach.

This holiness begins within.

Where all love, and, the Kingdom of God lives, as Jesus said.

The Kingdom of God is within.


It starts here inside in one's soul - the spiritual heart of one's living temple, and Body of Christ.

Giving God's face away in one's own.

Is that holiness?

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