Friday, December 14, 2012

Unresolved Disagreements

Recently, an unresolved issue, emerged again, as it has repeatedly.

There's little else that grows dangerously harmful for unity in the workplace, or, other systems, for that matter. Disunity spills over, as, this case I refer to, does.

In fact, as the problem was faced, they were no follow-up.  Frustration finds its way into one's self, one's roots and relationships.

Consequently, bitterness explodes.  Feelings are hurt.  Communications are unclear, an axe to grind stays current, even cynical, so to speak, and, failure in intent abounds.  Gossip follows for sure.

When a team works together, it shows.

And, marketing morality makes the system, the team, the synagogue, the family, the school, the church, the neighborhood, the business, or, the mosque, flourish and thrive.

People are pleased with clarity and crispness of thought.  Aims and goals are front and center.  Team spirit soars also.

Unity, oneness, not sameness, singlemindedness beyond double-minds, is contagious. Witnessing unity attracts others to want to join, be part of the team, the system, even a family.

To be one is a mark of the church. 

One, holy, Catholic, and apostolic are the four marks of teh Catholic Church.

They're aims.  They're goals like stepping on the rungs, or, objectives, to get to the top of the ladder.

Trust enters.  It takes time, however, among individuals, and groups.  When a new members comes in, others have to move over, and, be open to the novice.

Otherwise morale limps.

How blessed are the single-minded. . . the Good Book notes.

Things get done in singleness of mind.  Double-mindedness defeats the spirit of the team.

Sin is like that.  The "harmatia," missing the mark, is when the Israelites, for example, were in exile.
They were not at home.

No union and unity.

They were homeless, then.

Not being at home, causes distress with the team, or, the family.

A culture of unity is the product of giants, of legends we become as managers, parents, bosses, or pastors and principals for others to emulate.

It is rare.

Yet, unity is possible.

"That they may be one," was the prayer of  God in the Gospels.



How sweet it is when witnessed.

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