Monday, December 24, 2012

My Wish List This Christmas

That Sadeer Farjo's matrimony this April will be a lifelong blessing with his bride.

That Sacred Heart Church in Roseville, MI., continues to stand up, and, speak up,  to be a people's parish, like the pilgrim people of God.

That Ken Kaucheck stands tall once more as parishioners welcome him!

That the religious leaders take bolder positions to lift up Detroit, and, the vulnerable young, especially, in, and, outside the womb, among us.

That the poor find in me, and, others, supportive companions of the Gospel.

That children are secure in schools.

That 2013's fresh start stirs hope, and, aims to help the common good.

That Ray and Renia's 35th anniversary of marriage be a blessing to Jennifer, Matt, among others.

That this winter's weather be free of icy, dangerous sidewalks, especially for those challenged by nature's glassy ice.

That condominium boards be formed in how to serve beyond being self-serving leaders.  That they learn how to lead with rules and regulations applied to all, incuding themselves.  Is is true that condo boards everywhere are disruptive, and, problematic?

That education, and, growth, be a priority for me in new time.

That I keep praying, and, reading, regularly and daily.

That  Theology On Tap morphs and mends many in the metropolitan Detroit, MI., area.

That Woof, my snowy white, Bichon Frise, continues to be the gift he is for others, for me.

That the struggling, print media newspapers, find a buyer to keep a paper coming to my porch daily.

That good news is part of our culture once more.

That life continues to be a blessing.

That I look out for the lost and left out, among those pressed and packed at the bottom.

That the personnel problems of parishioners, ecclesiastical leaders, and, the pope imagine a way to thrive beyond clusters and mergers. 

That health, wellness, and, faith grip us all. 

That the Christmas season is celebrated through mid-January, and beyond.

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