Wednesday, December 12, 2012

National Conversation

Clergy personnel are protesting the proposed gun legislation that is headed for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's desk.

The gun conversation and the fifth commandment merits serious debate.

Detroit area Police chiefs have told me that they prefer pemitting people to have guns and assault weapons as some countries allow.  Local chiefs seem to conclude guns by all deter criminals.

Go figure.

Solving conflict by other less deadly means is what I'd market by way of ethics and morality of the great commandments to love God and neighbor.  Imagination is short here it seems on this issue.  Weapons of mass destruction seem to be the easy way out.

I am confounded by the lack of leadership to seriously sit down to resolve this gun battle before the next outrageous slaughter at a mall, or, other places people gather.

If I sat in the back of the theatre in Colorado, for example,  with my own assault weapons and shot back at the armed criminal shooting at people watching the movie, would I be arrested?  Would I be considered an accomplice?

Serious heads and hearts need to gather to talk as human lives continue to be snuffed out by the minute in this nation that knows better.

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