Monday, December 6, 2010

10 Guides for Disagreement Resolution Among Relations, Others

1) Above all, love rules in all things. When in doubt about the loving and charitable choice decide generously, graciously, favorably.
2) A sense of peace and serenity pervades the choice made.
3) Humility, as if it isn't my choice but God's, grounds the decision worked out.
4) A "take it or leave it" attitude leaves room for God's lead, God's parade, after all is said and done.
5)Let loom large the heart and mind of the Maker as told in tradition, Scripture, the Church, revered mystics, saints, and teachers, and prayer for sure.
6) Keep the common good in mind, and the heart of the Creator and wise women and men, elders, presbyters, popes, martyrs and trusted colleagues, confidants, confessors, counselors.
7) Make two columns listing the positive and negatives of choices. A third column notes the common good.
8) Talk it through when a tentative choice is preferred.
9) When a decision is reached with input from various sources as listed above, don't look back.
10) Give thanks and praise to God. Choice will seem like Someone's else decided for you.

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