Thursday, December 23, 2010

State Representative Inspires

Anthony Forlini is my new State Representative for the district of St. Clair Shores and Harrison Township, Michigan.

Wednesday, a crowd of family and friends gathered at the Capitol Building to witness him taking the oath of Office before Judge Viviano of Mt. Clemens' Circuit Court.

Others there made promises also, including his parents of fifty years of matrimony, who renewed their marital vows. Tony and his wife, Diane, with their three children nearby, renewed their twenty-five-year marriage commitment.

Diane was delighted with a silver necklace and crucifix she received from her husband as a gift. Her joy was obvious.

Pledges and promises.

We hear them all the time. We make them and break them.

One young adult there at the State Capitol building told me and show me the promise ring to be abstinent until he is married. That was refreshing along with the fresh vigor to live out the promise of married love.

While pledges and promises were abundant, somehow, I sensed a seriousness about keeping these vows fresh and alive.

That sense made the trek to Lansing worth it.

In a world of broken promises, this crowd stood up for cherished values and virtues.

That's good news.

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