Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two Thirds of Americans Note Religion Is Losing Influence

This is not a good thing, is it?

Faith matter as roots and relations do, no?

Founding fathers found faith to matter in writing our founding documents in 1776.

What is happening to America?

Religion is losing it influence on the American lifestyle.

Deeper within humans, however, is the spiritual thrist and longing for happiness. Hence, proof itself that without God life is meaningless.

Organized religion is different that spirituality.

Pew research, for example, shows that 52 % of those polled noted that churches should refrain from taking stands on political issues, while 43 % said they should express their views on such matters.

61 % of those polled noted that members of Congress should have strong religious beliefs, while 34 % disagreed.

43 % noted that the Republican Party was supportive of religion, while 25 % noted the Democratic Party was supportive of religion.

Something to ponder.

A survey on the spiritual life of Americans may show another profile of believers.

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