Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why Did Pope Sit For Hours in Interview?

Humility and heartache drove Pope Benedict XVI to be interviewed in a new tome that tracks his leadership in the Catholic Church, it seems to me.

What was the man to do?

Managing public relations was the sure aim of the book that details responses from the Pope on everything from the sex abuse cover-up, condoms, what he watches on TV, and should he resign, among other topics treated.

A German journalist and author of other texts on the Church interviewed Benedict last July.

Did he admit mistakes?


That's hard to do for leaders in high places. Yet, he was pressed to speak up if the Church asunder is to heal from this unhealed wound of sex abuse by clergy.

Not that they are the only ones staining the Church with filth to use the Pope's description, but clergy are held to a higher standard, after all.

Nevertheless, sex is out of control, and unreported and undetected abuse by parents of their children is skyrocketing. Not to say anything of the rage and anger put upon youngsters and their fragile bodies and minds to forever remember.

The fixation on condoms got the most ink in the media once more.

The Pope did say that perhaps it was more responsible of prostitutes to use condoms when engaging in sex with multiple partners. Limiting infection is key. However, in the larger context, sex is to be reserved for marriage, not flings that diminish its sanctity and dignity.

Of course, this mess isn't solved yet of abuse in the Church.

This step, in this book, is a link of many more to follow as the Church heals up victims and itself from this horror that must stop.

How it will stop is anyone's call?

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