Saturday, December 4, 2010


Over the years I've noticed people telling of how disappointed they are during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when the entire family is unable to gather together in one place to celebrate the seasons.

Sounds like the picture-perfect postcard of mom, dad, and the children all there in one color photo. Just perfect. The way is should be, right?

Ideally, yes.

Really, no!

With merged families and in-laws, how can everyone get together on one day, altogether in one place?

There are 364 others days to gather the family. Thanksgiving and Christmas is only one day.

We tend to make the holidays idols that rule us if things don't work out perfectly.

People end up mad, hurt and more with this "perfect" thinking of the way life should be, or else.

One family told me they make use of the entire Thanksgiving Day weekend and days of the next week to have a progressive meeting each night at another family member's home.

Sound like a plan.

It also is more real.

It is less likely to create conflict with a plan like that.

Happy holidays!

And, peace on earth.

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