Friday, December 31, 2010

Change and Michigan

One thing we can be assured of in Michigan is CHANGE.

Change is as inevitable as the call to morph and be better daily.

Everything must change.

All things.

Physicists tells us that matter and energy are not destroyed but
changed, transformed.

That gives me hope.

Change is a plus, a positive morphing.

Each year, at its finale, burning the past bears fruit:
Burning the resentment of a relationship unforgiven, a boss who doesn't understand or communicate, a self with great expectations, the one who betrayed a relationship, and so forth.

Write down and do the rite of burning.

Then, write a letter to yourself imagining the end of the new year, 2011.

Feel how you will be next December, where, with whom, what work, job, and relationships will be like. Think and write about the end at the beginning.


In Michigan it is inevitable.

Be all you can be.


Heaven in 2011 all along the way!

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