Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Heartache and Hope

Emergency 9 1 1 is called when one is suffering a heart attack.

Yet, when one is dealing with depression from unhealed grieving at death of a spouse, those standing by wait and watch, even debate with one about getting help.

When Pope John Paul I was ailing in his 30-day pontificate, and later died after refusing medical attention, a Brittish journalist declared that his demise was due to "neglect."

The so-called "smiling Pope" wanting to be treated in Venice, Italy. His staff obliged.

Like cancer that grows in its pathology, other diseases loom large from inattention, even neglect by family who know better.

Even suicide is a process like cancer in its crawling deadliness that finally peaks with one's following through on taking his or her life.

Suicide has always been prached against as an option to life.

Catholics have the least amount of suicides given warnings against it.

That is similar to prevention when it comes to depression, for example.

It must be nipped in the bud, as the saying goes, long before depression does the victim with death.

Perhaps the new year will be a time for families and eye witnesses to be attentive and take action when life and death issues are prone to be left to one's demise without the crucial care and decisiveness demanded.

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