Friday, December 17, 2010

Fear Knocked, Faith Answered

Fear knocked at the door.

Faith answered.

No one was there.

Nothing paralyzed me or made me immobile.

Faith is like that.

I wonder how people get through without it.

Of course, fear has heightened in this nation since 9/11.

So much is lost when fear wraps one's life. Adventure goes.
Confidence flees.

Fear is useless, what's needed is trust, the master Jesus the Christ said in the
Sacred Scriptures.

Yet, people are afraid to trust, especially after being betrayed, or hurt.

Early on in life, a pastor helped me realize that fear is not helpful. We should fear
walking into traffic, jumping of a mountain, and, the like. However, the fear
that traps one and does ones thinking and deciding needs to go.

In 1989, when a gorup of us were in El Salvador, our translator remined us not to let
our fears do our thinking.

That was a life lesson.

Nothing would have progressed there is fear became an obstacle that thought for us.

Fear knocked.

Faith answered.

No one was at the door, thank God, and my willingness to let fear go.

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