Thursday, December 16, 2010

War on Culture of Corruption

We hope the culture of corruption is over.


Are we all not to blame?

The rank and file employee, aides, secretaries, office workers, neighbors, acquaintances knew the Kilpatrick criminal enterprise was operating.

At least, individuals knew something.

And, that could have been enough to stop the corruption.

There were voluminous rumors about "shady" activity. Yet, silence and consent ruled.

No one stood up to speak up against the corruption culture.

Until six years of investigation.

Give me a break.

A youngster starts stealing early on, for example. He or she takes candy. A parent, a teacher, a friend hears, or senses something bad is going on with Judy or Joey.

Everyone failed. All of us. We're all to be blamed for letting this spiral roll into the fiasco it is.

This could have been nipped in the bod at the start.

We knew. Rumors were flying about the Mayor as early as his days as a State Representative.

There is something terrribly wrong with our people, our police, our judicial system, our moral and ethical way of life, our homes, parents, families, neighbors, co-workers, and . . .

Shame on us all.

We hope the culture of corruption is over.

That's a weak refrain. It rings of less than muscle to stop the sin, the stealing, the "getting away with murder," the hens being slaughtered in the barn by the wolves.

This amounts to basics:

It is about time each of us take responsibility.

After all, the great book remins us that we are our sister and brother's keeper.

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