Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Baby Is Better Than An Abortion

"Babies are beautiful gifts from God and reasson to rejoice,"
Ken Pullis of Bishop Foley High School shouted on the phone.

Real life experience of what a culture of life means for high
schools students is seen in the Mary's Mantle home in Southfield,
Michigan, where expectant and single moms choose birth of
their baby.

Students and their moms are hosting a baby shower for Mary's
Mantle resident Melissa and her baby due March 12th.

Some of the same students hosting the shower will March on
Washington, D.C. Monday.

America's most divisive issue will play out as a question of
competing rights forge pro-choice and pro-choice opponents
face to face in the thousands who will march for life..

January 22nd marks the 38th memorial of the Supreme Court's
landmark Roe v. Wade decision on abortion.

A culture of life.

Now that's something worth working for daily amid violence
outside and in the womb whether it's war, poverty, joblessness,
bullying and suicide and more.

A child will lead them, the sacred scriptures note.

A child will!

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