Monday, January 24, 2011

First Personal Fitness Guru, Discipline Icon

The first personal trainer died at 96.

Discipline that he taught is admirable, isn't it?

Jack LaLanne, the exercise king!

He admitted he never took a day off!

The squats, lunges and more. Mostly with a
chair for support.

When one looks at his life and love of movement,
one could easily tire.

But, not Jack. He went on and on with push-ups,
pull-ups and more. Jack taught us much about
routine, regular exercise, diet, and a long life, for sure.

I bet he'll be God's personal trainer as he passes
over, and begins another journey.

After all, physicists say that these Temple Bodies
that we're given for a limited number of years work
for us for years, then morph and are transformed.
After all, matter and energy is changed, never destroyed.
So, true for us also, and, Jack!

In fact, Jack, said our bodies are our slaves working
for us.

What a legacy he leaves us.

Like regular prayer, worship, eating, walking,
exercising, working, laughing and playing,
Jack, the king of training taught us the importance
of balance.

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