Saturday, January 8, 2011

When One Is Violated and Gunned Down, All Suffer

The horror of the massacre in Tuscon, Arizona has to startle each of us.

When one is shot, all suffer in solidarity.

At our best, we are all one people, one Nation under God, one world.

While the U.S. Representative Gifford's prognosis seems optimistic, the demise of so many others, including a child, one must move, not only the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., among others, to speak out against violence, but each of us to do our share to stop the cycle that seems to be imploding this nation I love.

Our pulpits, parents and others are too quiet to condemn guns, bullying, suicide and attacks on the dignity of every life.

We must rise up.

We can.

It seems we have acquired "learned helplessness" to all the violence that is more common than blowing one's nose these days.

God help us.

Go helps those who help themselves.

The time has come.

Don't let the light go out on life.

It's so dark now. We need the little light each of us can beam.

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