Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tears, Candles, Bells

Marks of grief. Hearts hurting big time.

Tears flowing, candles lit, and the sound of bells in a grieving Nation.

Humanity's oneness and solidarity links when tragedy strikes suddenly.

Arms, hearts and minds join as one people under God, one nation.

Bigger than bullets and bombs, humans shatter that exported and widely-used
source of capital. We become taller, tougher at the place where we matter most -
at our core, our soul and best selves.

It's what ancient mystics call the True Self removed far from the False Self that masquerades
in many masks and false faces.

At root we are one people, one globe, one world that cries, aches, lights candles, rings bells when horror silences us for sure.

In that silence, stillness, sense of nothing, we stand together with tears wed with loss.

Shadows are overcome by a single sunbeam.

The warmth of candle's light warms the cold, coarse, cruelness that silenced us in Tucson.

Tears leave a trail of toxin, hate and vitriolic vice within each of us.

A single ring of a bell calls us to a higher standard. It does.

A tear waters and refreshes us as we let loose rage and sin in an appropriate, nonviolent way. Water flows down one's face until it settles and dries an unhealed wound.
A candle beams bright with evergreen hope - a virtue, a strength we now need.

A fanfare for the common man. The music rings deep longing for life to live on despite efforts to put out the light within each of us.

Resolve to don't let the light go out. Burn bright with utmost charity, kindness, heartfulness.

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