Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happiness is Clergy, Firefighters, Travel Agents, Special Ed Teachers

Studies show that this is true about happiness.

These four jobs rank highest in happiness by research.

They are not laced with salaries beyond $70,000 with
a lot less for clergy. I'm not complaining. I'm challenged not to worry about my salary.
I can pay the bills, stay afloat and remain happy. That's what matters most.

Yet, happiness is found in serving others, mending
hearts, healing hurt, stooping low to lift up life.

As a Catholic pastor I tell you my salary ranges about
$3,000.00 a month including health, care insurance, and
retirement benefits.

Happiness doesn't come from more money then, does it?

It is about connecting, interaction and social links that
makes one happy.

That ever-asking query: Am I happy?

It's all about serving.

Studies prove it.

So, why are so many students in business administration
or economics courses today?

Why is there so much conflict, violence and more?

Are the unhappy responsible for the statistics that comprise
most of the half-hour news shows daily?

And, what are we to do about this problem that can be
fixed by each person. Mind you, it won't take the government
to mend the unhappiness that envelopes many lives today.

Happiness points to me reaching out, making a call,
connecting, and serving others.

I know.

And, am glad to report happiness in my heart and life.

Despite reports that may show otherwise, happy clergy
abound, and, firefighters, travel agents, and special
education teachers.

Talk with them. Or, watch them whistle while they work, perhaps.

And, find a job, or pursue one that follows your deepest bliss, and, be happy.

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