Monday, January 3, 2011

Talking Today, Always

What else can we do to solve issues confronting us except to talk?


That's all we can do.

But, we must keep at it in 2011.

Dividing lines and walls of whom I will speak with, and, who I will ignore will move us nowhere but in the paralysis that traps us all.

Violence continues to sprial everywhere: Bullying boys in schoolyards, extremests attacking Christians in Egypt, Iraq, and elsewhere, obesity robbing our kids of life, and more.

Doing business as usual will get us to the same place: Nowhere!

We can talk.

Even with enemies, we can converse.

This uncivil, discourteous lack of courtliness in the public square must change today.

Each one can make the difference for the vulnerable, and, those attacked, and youngsters who need our guidance in eating well and being better.

Will you talk?

Resolve to do so please.

The world needs you now.

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