Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jesus Cookies and Middle School Food Skills in Roseville, MI

Each year now, the Roseville Schools withe Mayor John Chirkun, the City Council and the middle school students host a dinner for local clergy.

The students have their own building, kitchen and restaurant that is open almost daily to the public.

It is something I look forward to since it is such a delightful experience.

The young chefs, waitstaff, and kitchen crew pull out all the stops.

For example, Friday we had chicken noodle soup, fish, sausage, a pasta dish, salad, and other home-made treats, including blueberry pie, my favorite. Besides, it's healthy after that
delicious meal.

At a certain point before the meal, I wanted to wash my hands. A host directed me.

On the way back from the rest room, other middle school students were enjoying their
own lunch of Dorito's, and other fast foods that I wondered about.

They asked me about what they called, Jesus Cookies, when I checked if they wanted me to bring them some of our lunch.

They all nodded affirming the proposal.

"What are Jesus Cookies," I asked.

There was no response.

They had me waiting for them at the clergy lunch.

None showed.

Upon completion of my lunch, the introductions of each of us, and some facts about the 6,000 students, 50th largest school district in Michigan, I went to thank the crew who cooked.

I inquired about the Jesus Cookies.

"They don't know anything about us," the kitchen manager shouted.

I still don't know what they meant.

It was, however, nice to hear about Jesus in a public school, nevertheless.

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