Saturday, March 12, 2011

Books and Buying Them at Borders

Appearing in Border's Books in Utica, MI., earlier today was like a day trip to Art Van's Furniture.

Both take hours to get one book, or, one piece of furniture.

Truth is I enjoy reading. I buy books.

But, when I buy a few, I give away as many.

That way I avoid attachment disorder to my tomes. The same with furniture.

St. Vincent Depaul knows me by name now that I give away things there for the needy in
CLinton Township, MI., on Gratiot at Fifteen Mile Road.

And, truth is one needs a piece of furniture ever so often.

Getting rid of books or furniture as new pieces come in helps keep things tidy.

At Border's I met a couple of wonderful women who asked what I was looking for as we all
searched the bargain prices at 30 per cent of the list price.

Human development, I said.

Are you a hypnotist, one asked.

Nope, I said, as I put the book back on the shelf.

Are you former Catholics, I asked, as I noticed many new age books.

Yes, one of them said. Too oppressive, she added.

Will never go back there again, she insisted.

Do you know Richard Rohr's works, I asked.

I heard of him, one of them responded.

Do you know of this one on Mary Magdalene, another asked.

No, I said, as shehanded it to me for my review.

I got this one as Unity, one of them said, as she showed me a favorite of her's.

You go to Unity, I asked.

Yes, I like it there one shouted.

Two hours later, it was time to move on.

It was good tlaking with you both, I said.

Yes, with you also, one said, as the other already waved her way off to the register.




That was more about the connections than the books I gladly thought, as I carried an armful
to the check-out counter.

How sad that this Border's is set for the chopping block.

Yes, too bad, in an age of the internet, I guess.

Not many still read books or newspapers in hand.

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