Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17: St. Patrick, Pray for Us! +

Dear God:

I need all the help
I can get.

Your steering and
guidance is a gift.

Help me to listen
to you. To take
your lead alone in
a world that rocks with
violent beating of non-
combatants and the
innocent caught in the

Divine Maker,
you formed me, and
made me in your
wonderful image and

And, everyone else
was made this way
as well.

Everyone matters.
I matter.

The little one and the
lost one matter most.

They are the preferential
option of the poor.

You sided with the most
vulnerable, and least little

This day I implore the
prayer of St. Patrick,
the patron saint of

He knew how to have
and to go without.

His captivity, God, is
a reminder for me that
when one is held hostage
we all are.

We swim together in the
same ship, or, sad to
say, we die alone, O God.

You know.

Patrick is said to have
driven serpents from

He did that in your Name, and

Give me hope to be hope
for the oppressed this day,
O God.

Give me evergreen hope,
that strength and virtue
that lifts life long Lord.

Give me green.

Or, keep me in my room
until green hope soars this
Irish day of national pride.

Amen. +

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