Sunday, March 6, 2011

Made in America. . .Michigan

One's worth is tied up with his or her work.

It's good to hear that the unemployment rate dropped to nine per cent in this nation in
February. Thousands of jobs were created, and, that's good news for the dignity of the
worker who needs a job, of course.

In the 60s, nine out of ten items made were crafted in America. Statistics show that less than half of the goods we buy are made in the good ole USA.

A TV show showed a home deplete of everything except the kitchen sink and an artificial flower and its pot made here at home when one examines the tag noting where items originate.

Most come from other countries.

A few more jobs at home would lower unemployment further.

In fact, comparisons show that things made here cost less also.

The kitchen sink doesn't have to be among the lone items made in American homes, among few others.

Michigan's woods can make beds, even caskets!

Putting people to work in Michigan will give them that right to work spirit applauded in Catholic social teaching in all its documents on the common good. Igniting their worth with work. Imagine that!

To do less may mean going down the kitchen sink drain.


  1. Good idea to buy American to survive in Michigan and my homeland!

  2. What will we do with all the foreign stuff we buy/ Throw it out like we do in this "throw-away" society?

    Even babies in the womb made at home are aborted in America and Michigan in particular, what a shame.

    Easy come and easy go capitalism.

    Pile on the garbage in someone else's backyard with all the foreign goods made there and sold here.

    Here we come again Canada as we bring rubbish and this job to your door.