Thursday, March 3, 2011

Image of Virgin on Craggy Cliff in Newquay's Western Beach, Cornwall

What's this?

A pilgrim noticed what appeared to be the virgin Mary crafted into the craggy cliff in Newquay's Western Beach, Cornwall.

Images of Mary are being spotted everywhere these days, and, who am I to conclude that what one sees is unreal, even valid?

Never do I want to assume I know what is in the mind and heart of another human.

The virgin does get around, nevertheless.

She's appeared under expressway bridges, on garages, even on a tortilla chip, it was reported.

The feminine is coming of age.

She is listened to more amid the masculine voices that have so often been deaf to women, mothers, grandmothers, and the Virgin Mary, in fact.

Have men failed sufficiently as so much in leading nations, families, workplaces, faiths, industry and schools that the feminine finds its way through all of it?

Dreams are telling storylines of one's life. Nighmares are of a different sort.


The hope and vision and dream for a new day. Perhaps that is what the face of the feminine is telling.

Even on a craggy cliff far away, a voices speaks in creations clay to you, me, and the world.

Imagine the wonder of it all!

And, make a difference because of it.

Be a fresh advocate for women to be heard, listened to, and respected, most of all.

Establishments of the all-male world only present some of the dream. The feminine
radiates as much, of not more in the generative and life-giving force they are for me, for many.

And, hopefully for you, and the common good of the globe.

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