Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Are We Here?

When this basic question is avoided or left unaswered, one may fall into meaninglessness, even depression. Depression of our time is far from economic, it is deep-seated, and spiritual in nature. People without purpose, or, a plan, perish, the Psalm writer notes in the Sacred Scriptures. Why did God make me? To know God, love God and serve the Creator. That's having an aim in life, a purpose, a plan to serve and reach out in the name of God for the common good of all we encounter daily at work, at school, at play, at home, for sure. Those who no longer ask the question, no longer ask since they witness little in the lives of others who need to let light shine! God's light, that is! Hiding one's light under a barrel blinds the light to others as Jesus is to have said in Matthew's Gospel, Chapter 5:14. Happiness is hard to find without having as one's aim, her or his reason for being here. Each can be a tremendous spiritual entity in our time. One does that by connecting with what God who is love as the ancient and revered writings note. Wholeness, wellness and holiness are aims. When groups and individuals refrain from the divine connect to be God's light that lifts life where one finds it, then peril, not promise flourishes. What is your purpose? Name it. Claim it as your own. Live it. Happiness is found forever in stooping low to life life and serve in nursing homes visitations, hospital rooms, and, at work and home for sure. Being there for others where one is planted at any given moment gives meaning no price can tag or purchase. Happiness and holiness can be in you today. Start serving and follow a North star, as it were with your starlight shining kindly on one hurting in need of help. It's that hard and that simple. Ready? Get set? Now, go, go reach out in the love of the Maker who made you marvelous to behold!

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