Thursday, March 3, 2011


Treat it as a disease.

That is, a progressive one.

Shock fills those who survive one who has taken her or his life by way of suicide.

Many blame self for it, or worse.

They're surprised also.

"We didn't know she was so depressed," some admit.

Although someone must have witnessed the sad disposition of the one who takes his or her life, no one can take responsibility for it except the one who commits suicide.

And, yes, people are beside themselves, not self, or so out of reality that the God I believe in shows mercy beyond condemnation.

God loves all of us.

Those who "are not sounding like self," as many describe him or her, also.

God does.

God holds them close.

When one is sick God is most close.

Forgetting is not a good thing.


Grieve the loss. Pray. Write about the one who took his or her life. Cry. Talk.

Get help if the grief persists.

Swallowed grief drops into depression when the grief is not felt.

Like muscles, feels must be felt, or they harden.

Stay fresh. Feel.

Live life fully.

Be there for others.

Reach out to them even if they lack the skill or willingness to connect.

Relations, roots, religion.

That's about it. Relate in faith.

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