Friday, March 11, 2011

King Speech and Truths

Stuttering is no laughing matter.

Nor is bullying one who stutters, like King George did in the King Speech, anacademy award-winning head-turner, for sure.

His anger is used to help heal.

Rollng around on the floor, jumping up and down, and, shaking if off was engaged also.

Early childhood trauma brought the stuttering state on, his uncredentialed speech therapist, said.

His wife found the doctor in the yellow pages.

Reluctant at first, a friendship is forged for life.

Relationships are like that.

Whether a relationship with stuttering, like pizza-pizza of Little Caesers, or, that told so profoundly in this flick, they're time-consuming, heart-wrenching, even hostile commitments.

On and off again they are repeatedly reported with drama.

The King Speech.

Thrust into ascendency to be king, his confidence at first shaken by fear from his past, is bolstered by the beautiful and stunning work of his therapist.

The King's wife intervenes also. Her support shows the virtue and strength of enduring
love for her husband.

Marriage is like that. Not all of them.

Lessons learned.

Truths told.

He shakes his impediment off once his fears are overcome.

He walks and acts like the King his people expect, although he is a figure head and cannot declare war, and more.

Truth is fear can be conquered.

It was in the King Speech.

After I watched it the other night, I went to Target adjacent to the MJR Theatre on Fifteen Mile Road at Van Dyke in Sterling Heights, MI.

Larry, a friend I viewed it with said that "after the academy awards, the winners are on sale."

Enthusiastic workers led one shopper to the Social Network.

But, the King Speech, for it I will have to wait.

It is still playing in theatres, I was told.


Telling the truth.

Truths about ourselves, our story, our horror and traumas.

Fear can be sent off like the demon it is, it was for the King.

Freedom of speech achieved.

A kingly character triumphs.

It is a story that grips with possibilities and dreams come true.

We all can triumph.

Truth is like that.

It rises, and sets us free.

His first war-time speech is perfect with the coaching of his unconventional doc and friend.

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