Monday, March 14, 2011

Doubt Overcome by Courage, Nonviolent Anger

Fear can do one's thinking.

That, however, not the way to live life.

In El Salvador back when I was a pastor at St. Joseph Church in Lake Orion, MI., USA, a translator reminded the delegation there what Cicero said about reminders.

That is, not to let one's fears do her or his thinking.

Our delegation would return just days before Jesuit priests who staffed the University in El Salvador, and their two aides, were murdered.

One must plough through one's unreasonable fears.

Otherwise, one is frozen in space and time.

"O you of little faith, why did you doubt," Jesus the Christ says to Peter in the Gospel.

Getting out of the boat of comfort and convenience can keep one from growing, or, crossing the
goal posts that show that one scores high.

In the desolaton and consolation and roller-coaster-like ride through life, one is filled with doubt, at certain moments and passages.

At other times, one is sure, certain, and surges ahead with faith and confidence.

Peter embarked from the boat.

He did not drown.

Peter was persistent, yet fragile, doubtful, denying and more as a human life every inhabitant on the globe.

He is you.


Your neighbor.

He is . . . praise God.

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