Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Truth About Friday Fish

During Lent, fish reigns, at least for people.

Poor fish, nevertheless, must try to hide from the catcher's grip these days of this penitential season through Good Friday, and Easter, April 24th.


Big in Lent.

Truth is, Lou Groen, cut up halibut and with his own recipe sent it off to McDonald's Ray Croc founder, who was unimpressed by the dipped and fried fish bit of halibut.

Compromise forged a deal between the two, however and Good Friday's menu since 1965 included halibut bits on its menu with a novel burger. A winner ever since at the goldlen arches.

The fish flourished, reports say, amid the fledgling burger that sold few the same Good Friday, the Little Lenten Book of the late Bishop Ken Untener of Saignaw, MI., notes (www.littlebooks.org).

These little Lenten books flourish also and folks flock to find one each Lent.

I know.

If I don't supply the fix, folks are about to hang me. : )

Not a fishy story about these little books that ask us to pause and ponder six minutes a day.

Fish food of another sort.

Flourishing soul food.

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