Friday, December 9, 2011

A Boy Named Juan Diego

On this day in 1531, a boy named Diego passed a hill at Tepeyac, near Mexico City today.

A voice called him by name as he walked. A young Indian maiden instructed him to go to the local bishop and tell him to build an edifice on this hill to the mother goddess.

After three attempts, Juan was received, given a sign of roses and a photo of Our Lady in his tilma, cape.

And the cult of Our Lady of Guadalupe was born, the Indian name of the Lady was rendered in Spanish.

A fusion among the Spanish and indigenous races and cultures blended.

A conversion of souls happened with a boy called Juan.

Millions of Aztecs were baptized. Even more importantly, the poor were raised up. Banners with Our Lady's image were carried by the peasant army of Emiliano Zapata durind the Mexican Revolution.

Cesar Chavez of the U.S. Farmworkers carried her image on the picket line.

She symbolizes a church celebrating today diversity. One that empowers the poor, and speaks with the voice of compassion.

Where such a church lives, roses bloom in December.

All because of a boy called Juan Diego.

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