Monday, December 12, 2011


So much suffering seems to fill so many these days.

Fracture in families.

Attachment disorders to drugs, gambing, sex, shopping, work, chocolate.

Is your attachment listed?

Pain everywhere.

Yet, little motivation to move on from suffering.

Being aware of such suffering may be difficult given denial of addiction disorders.

Awake, aware and attuned to the ache is key naming, claiming and by the grace, favor or blessing of God, taming addictions and other dysfunctions.

Acceptance helps when it comes to suffering.

If one becomes a friend of one's suffering, she or he may begin to tame the ache.

Accept and befriend suffering?

You got to be kidding?

Yes, giving it energy by fighting it will only cause deeper addiction. You will lose. The attachment will win over you.

Calmng down, being still will help the stress created in trying to control the pain.

For Christians, suffering is a common encounter to overcome by acceptance to move on past it.

Suffering, dying and rising is part of the package for believers.

One gets to the prize, the crown, the recovery by way of prayer and facing the masks on wears.

The process means uncovering and taking off the masks one wears, known as the false self, and discovering the love of God. That's similar to a light switch that activates a light in a room, for example. Recovery follows. Divine union brings recovery when one finally runs, as it were, into the arms of the Beloved, namely God.

Being still daily and simply letting go of thoughts and distractions - BEING - twice daily for twenty minutes a session, brings healing, fixing, morphing. Nothing, nada, no thing is required except, like Mary, mother of Jesus, BEING.

With Mary, one joins her saying: Let it be!

Try it! It costs nothing to pray and be in communion with the Maker. Ask your clergy leader to help you if you are unable to sit still some. Or, you may need a counselor. But, help is here and
healing with the fullness of life is possible.

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  1. Where do I go to learn how to do this?

    Helpless in Honalulu.