Saturday, December 3, 2011

Terrible Times

Such bad news seems to envelope us these days.

I hear sad stories daily.

More home foreclosures, family fracturing, addiction and attachment disorders, conflict and my Motown in crisis in Detroit, Michigan, where I grew up.

A mother told of her 22-month-old who died suddenly of fecal toxicity. A cousin called to tell me her son had bi-pass surgery again in Henry Ford downtown.

Perhaps some of the news attracts me given my pastoral heart and role as a counselor. I don't know.

But there is a lot of tragedy these days in troubling times.

The foundation of our society - the family - is shaky and few seem to stand up in support of this pivotal unit.

Someone called and wondered about the position of partial birth abortion by the Governor, and a few others, that bothers this 81-year-old mother who was born into a family of nine children with respect for life from early on until one's final breath.

We could talk about her concerns. Dialog helps. Yelling does no one any good, we all know.

Some worry about how we're due to be dumped on with a snow blast.

Terrible times in fear.

Living a moment at a time works well for me. Coupled with a fear-free life, I get along not worrying about tomorrow. God is already there.

O God,
fear knocks at the door,
faiths answers, and
no one is there.

Thanks be to you in
Jesus who says, and others
who are wise, that fear is
useless - what's needed is

How consoling, O Creator!


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