Thursday, December 22, 2011

People and Forgiveness

While leaders often spend other people's money without asking them, I wonder how it is that the people of God still forgive them for frivolous spending, and more.

People generously give and forgive, and give again.

While pressed Sunday after Sunday, it seems, they continue to give.

What gives?

I'm not complaining that the people are bailing out the Archdiocese of Detroit after a $47 million dollar loan on the John Paul II Museum in Washington, D.C., and a $200-million-dollar debt left to the current head of the AOD.

Waves over time at parishes in perhaps the largest capital campaign ever are making progress at the AOD and a dent is being put in the debt, but I think Catholics are forgiving and giving, and still giving again. And, then some.

Praise to them.

Many pastors opposed the campaign given the economy but leaders decided to move ahead and ask.

And, apparently, people are giving.

I just wondered about how forgiving people are for leaders like the former Mayor of Detroit and the former Archbishop of Detroit who put the city and church id such debt.

Says a lot about Catholics. And, about forgiving.

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