Saturday, December 24, 2011

Economy different from empire's economy

An economy of sacred scriptures differs from the empire's economy.

Widows, orphans, and immigrants, among others,who are most vulnerable in and outside the womb are to be cared for the good book notes.

God's plan for dismantling inequality, relinquishing and forgivng debts, redistributing property, care for creation and goods, and setting captives free is paramount.

Prophets speak up while others sit or collect so much that some people lease storage bins.

Rebirth and redistribution go together. It is a painful process for those challenged to let go of greed.

Economic sharing was a pivotal foundation of the early Way of Jesus, and the community of believers he attracted by his stunning stories and invitations to follow him.

Love of God and neighbor is a truth worth holding high at a time when people could care less about others, let alone their neighbor or even family.

Neighborhood Watch, an extension of police, the ears and eyes awake to suspicious activity in a community, aims to get neighbors to unite in solidarity against predators.

Don't get mad at me. I'm simply the messenger. Perhaps the president is facing opposition at everything he seems to suggest these days largely because he seems to know something about Catholic social teaching - a revered body of thought that calls for respect for all people, including those at the bottom, and, hello, the disappearing middle class.

An economy of God's love steers beyond political parties and includes all humans, thanks be to the Creator.

A simple manger scene of Jesus his Christmas season points a way of living simply so that others may simply live.

One cannot mandate redistribution and an economy of God's love. It comes when hearts are changed, when compassion and solidarity in encountered.

One morphed heart at a time yields to inclusion of all beyond class warfare, greed and corruption so current in this culture today.

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