Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Head Over Heels in Love

Parents are.


Especially when mom and dad see their baby for the first time.

"The most objective information you can give a woman is seeing her baby on a TV screen. No words are necessary as smiles beam from the happy parents," H. John Barkay, D.O., a retired family physicain once told me.

It's true. I've watched myself as I was given the privilege to peak in on the sacred, little life swimming about inside mom's holy tabernacle of life.

How grateful I was to view the baby in the womb.


Life is clearly there. No doubt about it.

Too think that one can decide when life starts. I prefer favoring what I see with my own two eyes than academics debating about when lift starts.

Now, the quality of life this little one may be given while in our outside of the womb is another matter, isn't it? Yet, the primary motive for life must always be to support this gift and prioritize all else around the baby.

And, the Knights of Columbus Bishop Gallagher Council in Royal Oak, MI., for whom I serve as chaplain, have been giving women facing crisis pregnancies the chance to see that image since they launched the Ultrasound Initiative in 2009.


Close to 200 such ultrasound machines are availalbe now throughout the USA, thanks to the Knights of Columbus. And, those who give life a chance beyond personal agendas that may shrink to one's own wants.

Clearly, I trust the quality of life will be given to every life in and outside the womb.

Efforts to that end are primary. To even think about partial birth abortion, or termination of the life earlier bothers me no end. I'd love to engage in a conversation with moms who think otherwise. I wonder so often why a mother considers abortion in the first place. Don't get me wrong, this foundational issue has me respecting all other moral concerns as well, but I'd like to hear from parents along with others who seem to always drive this life issue.

Abortions are left out when mom and dad see the graphic image of life to behold, thanks be to God! Studies prove that, and, I'm grateful.

Tell the Good News!

Let life live in 2012!

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