Sunday, August 12, 2012

Foreclosure Loan Assistance Program and the Gospel

Good news indeed!

Michigan Catholics for the Common Good are addressing the "thousands of homes in foreclosure in Detroit area" they claim. 

And, with the help of  (313 963 3298 or 963 3299) staff  available to meet with groups to explain.

United Community Housing Coalition is supposedly helping very low income households, especially "homeowners and elderly" in the metro area, according to a letter from Tony Kosnik.  Contributions to the UCHC and Ted Phillips were also asked for, however, to be sent to them at 220 Bagley, Suite 224, Detroit, MI. 48226.

My scouts are checking this group out.  I'll let you know how effective they are in another post.

Also, leaders from People Before Banks "told us of the tragedy of thousands of foreclosures/evictions in the State," noted the letter of the MCCG singed by Hooper and Kosnik.

Irresponsible banks were given the blame for devastated families, home devaluation, and more. The MCCG plans to pickets such abuse.  Join them at,  or, write
John Hooper, Chair, at the Michigan Catholics for the Common Good, PO Box 7064, Huntington Woods, MI 48070.

Is this Good News the Gospels call us to in assisting our struggling sisters and brothers who have a right to a roof?

I sure hope so.

We'll see.


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