Saturday, August 11, 2012


The pig that was roasted today in Royal Oak, MI., didn't have a good day, obviously.

Others, however did, and will.

Peter and his wife believe that.

So do I.

A pig roast and fundraiser was hosted today at the Royal Canadian on Eleven Mile, east of Woodward.

A crowd poured in after the Saturday evening Mass at nearby parishes.

The Knights of Columbus support the Mother and Unborn Baby Care.

Why not visit, or write PO BPX 3250, Southfield, MI. 48037.
A personal call may be made to Peter Riccardo at 248 286 1031, or write him at

Pregnant moms may want to touch base with them.

And, those with concerns about their baby in the womb.

Be unafraid.  Call or visit the website now.

The pig?

Well. . .I'm not sure.

Perhaps the half dozen of young adults I sat with who are from out of state will tell you.

They're visiting Michigan and on pilgrimage hosted by the Jesuits on Seven Mile where they are residing.

They admitted they read the Austrailian author, Matthew Kelly's Rediscovering Catholicism while Buzz held his baby, Francis.

Buzz got a copy from me and is going to read it and pass it on to other Knights.

That is in between his and his wife's tender moments with their baby.

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  1. How touching. Write more Father please.